Joe DePinto wants people to use Bitcoin

CoinGeek Backstage: Haste’s Joe DePinto wants to get people to start using Bitcoin in real world

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On this episode of CoinGeek Backstage, Becky Liggero Fontana got the chance to catch up with Joe DePinto, CMO and co-founder of Haste, on the sidelines of the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich. DePinto said the event was his first time interacting with the BSV blockchain community, noting that it was great to finally see people he had known from YouTube there, in real life. As an outsider to the community, DePinto said he feels welcomed into the BSV fold, as he continues on his mission to bring Bitcoin and BSV blockchain to the global mainstream.

DePinto said he is motivated by a desire to get people to start using Bitcoin in the real world. From a common perspective, Haste has created games that use microtransactions in a way that can be explained easily to others, without the full explanation of how blockchain works and what Bitcoin is all about.

Instead of talking about the technology to others, which DePinto notes can easily put people off the idea, Haste’s really simple games demonstrate how microtransactions work in practice, giving a practical introduction to the features of the BSV enterprise blockchain. The mission, according to DePinto, is to find ways of helping take Bitcoin SV to the mainstream of people not necessarily interested in blockchain, and getting them to start using the technology without realizing it.

YouTube video

He notes that microtransactions are only possible on BSV, the only blockchain capable of handling the needs of users at a scale, and on a cost basis that is workable for smaller transactions. Already, he said, numbers of people were getting involved in Haste’s early stage games, sharing with their friends, and generating a real buzz around the technology and the role of BSV in it.

Haste is also giving players the chance to win tokens, proportionate to their spend on the arcade on any given day. These can be redeemed for BSV at a later date, another practical introduction for those new to BSV ecosystem.

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