Coincast TV to be offered by online streaming service

Coincast TV to be offered by online streaming service is an international TV streaming service available in more than 200 countries around the world, including Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, India, China and Korea. It allows IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) fans to watch their favorite programs over the Internet, without needing a conventional TV antenna, coaxial cable connection or satellite. Now, the popular streaming platform has signed a deal to rebroadcast the first season of Coincast TV, the first blockchain- and cryptocurrency show ever produced. was founded in 2008 by Ukrainian entrepreneur and venture capitalist investor Andrey Kolodyuk. Coincast TV becomes one of the first programs offered through the company’s new blockchain-based streaming platform, which is introducing Real-Time Bidding (RTB), a system through which viewers watch ad-supported content for 30% of the revenue generated by the advertising and content owners receive 50% of the total advertising revenue.

According to Coincast TV executive producer Heidi Cuthbert, “The opportunity with DIVAN.TV is a huge vote of confidence in the show which is produced out of Perth. It’s great to be able to work with an international media technology company that’s disrupting the business model for content.” She adds, “Coincast TV’s ability to ‘cut through the jargon’ and bring the complexity of blockchain and cryptocurrency news to a mainstream audience has attracted significant international interest.”

The show is developed in Australia with a host of media talent, including Seven West Media and Channel 9 journalists, as well as an editor who previously worked for Netflix Originals. In Season 1 of Coincast TV, Power Ledger and DigitalX are covered, as are interviews with FinTech businesses and Western Australia University alumni such as author Michael Casey. Cuthbert describes Coincast TV as a blend of “finance with entertainment, humour and pop culture, developing fast-paced content that’s easy to share across digital platforms like YouTube and Twitter.”

She further states about the program, “About 65 per cent of Coincast TV’s audience is aged between 18–34. We have managed to reach the lucrative millennial market, which is highly sought after by advertisers. We expect that this demographic will broaden the show’s appeal to advertisers outside of the blockchain ecosystem.”

Development of Season 2 of Coincast TV is currently underway.

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