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Cloudflare unveils AI product rollout tools for developers

Connectivity cloud company Cloudflare (NASDAQ: NET) has announced the launch of new tools designed to allow developers to build artificial intelligence (AI) products without the hassles of infrastructure and unnecessary overhead costs.

One of the new services, dubbed Workers AI, will offer developers a serverless capability for AI developers to launch products over Cloudflare’s network. According to the company, the service has the potential to reduce the time frame needed to develop AI products to a matter of days.

Cloudflare noted in its disclosure that it will be targeting Fortune 1000 companies and enterprises looking to improve their services using AI as potential clients. The company did not reveal the pricing for the Workers AI but noted that it would be significantly cheaper than building and training AI models from scratch.

“We’re investing to make it easy for every developer to have access to powerful, affordable tools to build the future,” said Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince. “Workers AI will empower developers to build production-ready AI experiences efficiently and affordably, and in days, instead of what typically takes entire teams weeks or even months.”

Aside from technical support, Cloudflare added that Workers AI will provide firms making the pivot to AI with ancillary services like regulatory compliance. The company added that the service will not lower its standards on security, pledging state-of-the-art tools to protect customer data.

Cloudflare seized the moment to unveil Vectorize, a vector database built to speed up AI workflows for developers. Leveraging Cloudflare’s global network, the company remarked that Vectorize will reduce latency and inference times in developing their AI products.

“With Workers AI and Vectorize, developers no longer have to glue multiple pieces together to empower their apps with AI and machine learning – they can do it all on one platform,” read the statement.

Cloudflare also introduced AI Gateway, an intuitive tool designed to make AI applications scalable. Using the tool, developers will receive analytical insights into the number of users and cost of operations with the added functionality of using caching and rate limiting to reduce costs.

Onboarding developers for AI

To encourage innovation in AI, leading technology firms are throwing their weight behind the creation of tools to assist developers in rolling out their machine-learning products. Early in the week, the iLiad Group confirmed the purchase of a supercomputer and the planned establishment of an AI Lab to onboard firms interested in exploring AI.

Open-source AI development has grown since the start of the year, with OpenAI, Meta (NASDAQ: META), and Alibaba (NASDAQ:BABAF) launching their large-language models (LLMs) to encourage collaboration and innovation. However, industry stakeholders allege that the proposed AI rules in the European Union (EU) threaten the future of open-source AI, calling for a review of the regulatory framework.

The EU appears to be following its precedent of strict regulations akin to its handling of the digital currency industry with its Market in Crypto Asset (MiCA) legislation.

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