Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Have you ever thought of becoming a citizen of one of the most beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean?

Maybe now is the chance to discover what Antigua and Barbuda can offer you, with a truly wonderful lifestyle change or some great business opportunities.

Being a citizen on the lush tropical island of Antigua and Barbuda has it perks, not only is it paradise, with some 365 beaches of clean turquoise waters, it also provides visa free travel to approximately 132 countries, includes United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Schengen Area.

This specific Citizenship by Investment Program has been devised by Calvin Ayre – who has the official role as the Bitcoin Envoy for Antigua.

These CIP units from us can only be paid for in Bitcoin (BCH); which the government of Antigua recognizes as the only real Bitcoin and the worlds most scalable and flexible cryptocurrency.

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This is an opportunity that can be for an individual or a family option can be provided.

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