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Check out nChain at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

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Sean Griffin, Director of Communications and Corporate Development at nChain, spoke to CoinGeek about the company’s remarkable developments, insights about BSV, and the first-ever BSV Global Blockchain Convention currently taking place at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, until May 26. nChain, one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies per an independent report from LexisNexis, is a sponsor of the #GBC22.

2022 marks a big year for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry, especially for nChain, and the company was at the CoinGeek New York in 2021.

What’s new with nChain?

Griffin told CoinGeek that the company hired a new CEO—Hakan Yuksel—shortly after the New York conference, and his appointment has accelerated the commercial pace.

“We’ve refined our corporate strategy, added former executives from Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard, and undertook a Product Sprint exercise that is surfacing up to seven new products for our portfolio. 

“We became a Founder of the IPWe blockchain patent pool, which provides efficient access to a portfolio of our patents. Developers and entrepreneurs up to a certain level can access it for free and it remains attractively priced even for the largest organizations,” he said.

nChain’s target market

“nChain is unique. We research, develop, and build tools across all layers from node software to enabling tools, like our platform Kensei, and applications like Digital Cash that are critical for CBDC solutions. We are currently focusing on high utility, high volume areas like digital payments, responsible gaming, and compliance solutions,” Griffin said.

Many enterprises are still in the early stages of understanding blockchain technology and how it can solve certain pain points. nChain’s challenge, Griffin said, is to show them how seamlessly nChain can integrate into existing offerings, which makes it a lot easier to discuss novel solutions that can open up new revenue models or significantly reduce risk. He added that nChain also “sees a fundamental misunderstanding of Bitcoin” as a blockchain that scales, is energy efficient, and is low cost.

“We are honored to be on a list with the likes of Apple, Meta, Samsung and many more household names. We’ve been at the forefront of blockchain research since 2015 and LexisNexis clearly saw that we are leading the way in this still new area.”

“It’s important to know that we see a role to enable the development of a high utility blockchain world. That’s why we are a founder of the IP blockchain patent pool. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and developers can benefit, using our knowledge to help them build a thriving BSV ecosystem,” Griffin noted, speaking about nChain being one of the top 100 Most Innovative Companies.

BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

nChain was in Dubai in 2019 to discuss developments in AI and blockchain technology, and now it will be in the city again and this time for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. Griffin shared that the Middle East, Dubai in particular, is an exciting region as governments and businesses generally see the potential for this technology to solve a variety of their challenges. nChain’s team has been traveling to Dubai regularly for some time now as there is so much demand.

“We look forward to meeting many of these organizations and welcoming them to learn even more about the power of BSV,” he said.

Being a sponsor of the event, Griffin noted that this event is an excellent platform to share their products and knowledge with an interested audience. The company, he continued, has been making strong connections in the region, so it is natural for nChain to come where the demand will be.

“We also enjoy seeing what others are working on, as the BSV ecosystem attracts passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs,” he stated.

nChain has a booth at the Convention, where the company’s team is ready to speak with anyone wishing to learn more about the technology and its products.

“We also have a number of presentations from our experts, including our Chief Scientist, Dr. Craig Wright,” he said.

Don’t miss out the first ever BSV Global Blockchain Convention taking place at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai from May 24th until the 26th. Book your tickets now!

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