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Centbee CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

It’s now just over a week to one of the most anticipated events of the year in the Bitcoin ecosystem—the CoinGeek Live conference. The event will be held from September 30 to October 2 and will be broadcast live from New York’s Manhattan Center and the Kensington Studios in London. It will bring together some of the biggest names in blockchain, digital currencies, financial services and beyond.

One of the companies sponsoring the event is Centbee, a popular Bitcoin SV wallet. We caught up with Angus Brown, the Centbee co-founder who told us just how significant CoinGeek Live is, both for the developers and the users.

“We have been a part of the CoinGeek Week journey since its inception, and are always encouraged to see how the Bitcoin SV ecosystem of developers and businesses is growing. As a sponsor we get to showcase our tangible achievements to this ecosystem, making more and better connections with developers and businesses across the world.”

The upcoming CoinGeek Live is a must-attend for all Bitcoin enthusiasts, Brown stated. While there are several speakers who will take to the stage, he looks forward to watching Satoshi Nakamoto the most.

“The opportunity to watch Craig Wright live and engaging with Jimmy and others is priceless. He is always a treat to listen to, and deepens my understanding every time.”

The Fireside Chat with Dr. Wright is one of the sessions you can’t afford to miss, Brown told CoinGeek. These sessions have become the highlights of CoinGeek Conferences, giving the attendants the privilege of listening to Satoshi. During the upcoming Fireside Chat on Day 2 of CoinGeek Live, Dr. Wright will talk with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen about the importance of Bitcoin as a timestamp server.

Centbee has continued to lead the way in innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company has made it easy to buy, store, send and make payments through BSV all across the world. It’s most recent feature is the ability to withdraw Bitcoin directly into a user’s bank account.

Centbee is growing beyond being just a wallet, Brown explained. He told CoinGeek, “We are growing customer numbers who use our Minit Money app to remit funds internationally. We are looking forward to merchants using our ScanPay app to accept BitcoinSV for real-world goods and services. We are excited about the opportunity to provide our platform as a service to developers and businesses to leverage in their own innovative offerings.”

Brown will be taking to the stage at CoinGeek Live on day three, October 2, to speak about global compliance for digital currency exchanges and wallets. You can join him and several other leading minds from the Bitcoin world and beyond right from the comfort of your home. Grab your free tickets here and be part of the biggest Bitcoin event of the year.

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