Carylyne Chan shares insights into the benefits of CoinMarketCap

Carylyne Chan shares insights into the benefits of CoinMarketCap

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In an interview with’s Stephanie Tower, Carylyne Chan, head of global marketing at CoinMarketCap, explained that there is a growing desire for information related to cryptocurrencies since the site first started offering this information back in 2013.

Since its inception, CoinMarketCap has looked to provide information to users that can enable them to make smart decisions about where to invest their money or make trades in the cryptocurrency market. They have made themselves the go-to website to find out about trends, markets, and prices related to digital currencies. Since information is a key to success for trading or acquiring assets in any kind of market, this is what CoinMarketCap has looked to provide for their users.

What has been quite amazing is that Chan explains that they have had great success in reaching consumers across the globe. In fact, she pointed out that the 10th largest market for the site comes from Turkey, and that there are even people in North Korea who regularly visit the site looking for investment information.

With governments getting involved by regulating many of the exchanges within their countries, this has helped to stabilize what is often viewed as an extremely volatile market. Countries are requiring that businesses who will perform exchanges should be required to purchase licenses to operate, and are regulating how transactions can occur. This has been seen as a very positive step in helping to keep fraud and corruption from thriving in this market, while also providing governments across the globe with a means of earning additional tax revenue.

Chan explained that CoinMarketCap recognized early on that many across the globe are leery of the currency of their country, and are looking for a smarter investment that can be easily traded across international borders. Digital currencies have offered that opportunity, but many consumers are hesitant to get involved because of a lack of information.

The removal of ignorance has been one of the driving forces at CoinMarketCap. The site launched a new mobile app in April and has added several indices over the years to provide the most accurate information as well as solid analysis of where consumers should focus their attention.

“We believe that our users will like the new style and the features we’ve added to these apps, and we’ll continue to update the app regularly based on the feedback we receive,” Chan explained.

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