Carla Maree Vella discusses immutable data with CoinGeek

Carla Maree Vella discusses immutable data with CoinGeek

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Of all of the products and services the company offers that can help them make money, the reality is that their biggest asset is likely their data. The information that companies hold on customers, vendors, and the communities where they operate is more valuable than almost anything.

This is a topic that is dear to the heart of ConsultXD senior advisor Carla Maree Vella, who talked with Becky Liggero to discuss how essential this data is to the success of any company. This, she explained, begins with understanding that not every company is meant to handle and process their own data.

I strongly believe that operators should really be focusing on doing what they are experts in doing and that’s not necessarily customer data handling.

This is becoming an ever more important topic, especially in the gambling world where blockchain technology is becoming an integral part of the industry. Vella points out that instead of focusing on areas where they may not be as proficient, it makes more sense to focus on improving the experience for the customers as a whole.

She said, “I think that if we can move towards that kind of infrastructure then we can really, as an industry, focus on what we derive as being for us, which is the gambling and the fun experience of it.”

This is where the partnership between data and the experience becomes essential. If a company finds that seeking the assistance of a strategic partner to assist them with customer data is necessary, this can help to improve their success by using blockchain technology to create programs that will help them to reach new customers as well as retain existing ones.

“You’ve got oracles for wagering information and sourcing and then, obviously, the KYC, the well factor, you’ve got responsible gambling and all of these things exist today and they’re people going to be looking like ‘no shit, this stuff already exists in the gambling world,’” Vella said. “But, blockchain enhances it and takes it one level further, because the immutability of the actual blockchain information, the raw data, and the immutability allows consumers to be so much in touch and trusting with that entity.”

She points out that, in reality, the gambling industry is really about just one thing. “Essentially, in the gambling space, we’re all about our consumers, all about our user experience. We tend to say we’re user-centric, we’re consumer first, and blockchain really enables that.”

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