Canadian Billionaire Calvin Ayre Brings Popular CoinGeek Conference on Cryptocurrency to Toronto May 29-30

Canadian billionaire Calvin Ayre brings popular CoinGeek Conference on cryptocurrency to Toronto May 29-30

Noted speakers to include Cole Diamond, Dr. Craig Wright, and more

Toronto, Canada – March 13, 2019 – Noted billionaire Calvin Ayre is returning to his Canadian roots by bringing his popular cryptocurrency event the CoinGeek Conference to Toronto for a two-day happening at The Carlu, a historic event space on May 29-30.

Ayre, who is currently residing in Antigua where he is a Special Economic Envoy with responsibility for advising on economic cooperation between Antigua and Barbuda and other sovereign States where blockchain technology is being utilized, notes, “when I was a farm kid in Saskatchewan I’d come to Toronto about once a year with my folks and we’d always go to the Eaton’s on College Street. We were never fancy enough to dine on the 7th Floor, but we would sometimes look at the Torontonians there and marvel at how elegant it was. It’s exciting to bring my cryptocurrency event to the place regarded in my childhood as so out of reach!”

Notable speakers include host and moderator Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen, Cole Diamond a Toronto native and CEO of Coinsquare, Canada’s most secure digital currency exchange; and one of Bitcoin’s great visionaries, nChain’s chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright.

The CoinGeek Toronto conference, May 2019, is the latest instalment of CoinGeek’s headline events. Following on from CoinGeek Week in London last November, and the inaugural CoinGeek Conference in May 2018 in Hong Kong, CoinGeek are leading the way in galvanizing the world’s merchants and enterprises to adopt Bitcoin SV (BSV). Bitcoin SV is the only project dedicated to the original design, protocol and “Satoshi Vision” of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The overall event’s theme will be Bitcoin SV: No Limits, with a focus on massive scaling and the technological power of Bitcoin SV, which emerged in November 2018 from the world’s first Bitcoin “hash war.”

While the CoinGeek conference is focused on Bitcoin SV, its inclusive environment incorporates speakers who also work with other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, and welcomes all attendees interested in learning about BSV.

With objectives to educate on the importance of massive scaling on the BSV blockchain – such as the benefits of larger block size for enterprise usage and to sustain cryptocurrency miner profitability; to promote the value of BSV and why merchants should seek to adopt this new world currency; and to promote the benefits of BSV’s blockchain for technology developers, the event will feature world-class Bitcoin and blockchain experts as speakers.

May 29 will be a “Developers Day” focused on more technical issues for BSV.

May 30 is the main conference intended for business executives from all industries, and anyone interested in BSV and blockchain technology. The morning sessions will cover scaling and technical developments of BSV; how merchants can accept payment with BSV; finalist presentations from the first ever BSV hackathon; and Dr. Wright leading a discussion of The Metanet, nChain’s ground-breaking project to power and integrate the Internet through the BSV blockchain.

The afternoon sessions will address tokenization with BSV; enterprise applications on the BSV blockchain; a discussion of a Bitcoin future finally with ”No Limits”; and close with a special interview with Craig Wright about the beginnings of Bitcoin.

With an expected audience of more than 250 global cryptocurrency elites, there will also be a legendary after party of the type Ayre is famous for. Based on knowledge of Ayre’s parties, it’s sure to include amazing entertainment, top DJs, fantastic food, and copious drinks, bringing Ayre’s incredible lifestyle full circle back to his home, Canada.

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