CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 6: Logging off from Bali

CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 6: Logging off from Bali

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The final day of the CambrianSV Bootcamp was the day that demonstrated that the whole project had been worth it. For several hours in the morning, individuals and team representatives stood up in front of the rest of the group and gave demos of the work they’d been doing in the few days they’d all spent together in Bali.

It was an impressive show (although much of the technical detail was way over the head of your correspondent). What was impressive was the way in which teams working on different products were so fully engaged by the explanations of each other’s work. And that wasn’t just because they were nice people who were being polite – though they were. It was because so many of the teams had found they were working on common, or at least overlapping, technical challenges.

At the end of the week, CambrianSV founder Jack Liu was pleased with how the event had gone – especially in terms of collaboration: “Any time [the developers] have had a chance to learn from each other, they’ve taking full advantage of it …I’ve heard combinations where two teams are already making plans to code alongside each other,” he said. 

So will the Bali event be a one-off? Or is CambrianSV defining itself as a new kind of collaborative process that’s going to push the world of BSV to the next level? Certainly the 30 developers who’d made the commitment to get themselves to Bali from all round the world expressed no regrets.  

“In various ways, the culture of Cambrian will live on,” Jack says, “and I think just to celebrate that, we’ll bring it back together as a group, as an event, a couple of times a year.”

Today Bali, tomorrow the world!

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