CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 5: Building on BSV

CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 5: Building on BSV

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The penultimate day of the Bootcamp was one of intensive work – because it was only hours before the participants would be invited to present their work in front of the rest of the group

We took the chance to meet some of the teams working on different projects and find out what they’ve been developing in Bali.

Ari Kuqi of Legally Chained has been working on a particular use of his identity management product that would enable charitable giving more directly between donors and recipients using BSV. Legally Chained itself “means that you can store your identity on chain and you can own it,” Ari says. “You can use it to generate data and legally own the data that you generate.”

Open Directory is a way of organising content on the blockchain, says Brad Jasper. It adds incentives for users, so that they can be paid for what they’re doing. The idea is to take advantage of the ability of BSV to allow micropayments. Will Kelly adds that “the user and the content creator can come to some kind of contract on the amounts that are being paid on a very small level”.

A similar idea – of monetising content for producers – is offered by Streamanity but in its case, purely for videos.’s Streamanity’s Shravan Shandilya believes that it will be possible to persuade people to make small payments for watching videos online as an alternative to the ‘free’ model offered by YouTube and others: “we are seeing a trend where people are caring about their privacy [and] they value their time. Instead of watching an ad, they would rather pay a small amount of money if they are to save some time – so they can do whatever they want”. 

In the final day’s report, for tomorrow, we’ll include some of the highlights of the teams’ presentations at the end of the Bootcamp. 

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