CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 3: Betting on Bali - and Bitcoin

CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 3: Betting on Bali — and Bitcoin

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While Bali is popular with digital nomads, it’s not exactly Silicon Valley. So for Jack Liu and his CambrianSV Bootcamp team, deciding to locate their first global Bitcoin SV developer get-together there was a bit of a risk. 

As Ella Qiang, one of the organisers admitted, choosing Bali “is a kind of crazy idea” but the unpredictability is matched by the nature of the work that the Bootcamp is doing: “It’s like how people are building applications and engaging with each other — they also don’t know what to expect.” But, in relation to Bali at least, the proof is in the pudding: “everyone showed up, ” Ella says triumphantly. 

For Jack Liu, there’s a relationship between the environment around the Bootcamp and the BSV ecosystem. In a small place like this, rather than a big city, “you can give yourself space to imagine what you can build.” The nature of Bali — comparatively unspoilt and unbuilt, at least compared to cities like London or New York — is an asset that should help create the right mindset for the task in hand Jack believes: “One of the possibilities that we thought of is just to show people both the nature of this place, and then the rawness of Bitcoin also — to give people some creativity.” 

Acting on your ideas, however unlikely they may seem at first, is exactly what’s required for BSV right now, the Bootcamp organisers say. There’s a real urgency to get more transactions happening on the blockchain ahead of the halving of the block reward in May next year. The halving will reduce profitability for miners and transaction fees will be needed to compensate them instead for their work in maintaining the network. 

To spur the Bootcamp developers on, they’re being asked to work on new features this week and then present them to the group on the last day. The pressure is on!

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