CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 2 recap

CambrianSV Bootcamp Day 2: All about BSV

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Bitcoin SV is a new technology, but already there’s a body of knowledge that is potentially useful to anyone who wants to develop products on it. Brendan Lee of the Bitcoin Association has made it his business to study BSV, and at the CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali, he’s giving a series of talks on matters of interest to developers — things like R-Puzzles, payment channels and deprecation of BIP44.

Attendance at Brendan’s talks is voluntary, with participants free to choose whether to spend time on their own work, which they’ll be invited to show the group at the end of the week. But so far, the response from Bootcamp participants has been enthusiastic, with Brendan’s sessions leading to developers from different startups comparing notes and collaborating to solve common problems.

In the afternoon of the second day of the event, Josh Petty, co-founder and CEO of Twetch gave a popular talk about the Twitter-alternative — which offers its users the chance to earn BSV for contributing content that other users like. “The upside is sort of unbounded,” Josh said. “The concept is if you can create viral content, that can be really profitable”.

CambrianSV Bootcamp continues throughout the week (with daily reports on CoinGeek). It brings together BSV developers from round the world to compare their experiences and spend some uninterrupted time creating or improving their products.

Jack Liu, of the BSV payment platform Relay, is attending, both as the event organiser and as one of the representatives of his own startup. He says he believes that the BSV ecosystem means that while startups may, to some extent, find themselves as competitors, they all also share an interest in the success of BSV — because that will drive traffic to their own products.

Keep your eye on the CoinGeek channel on YouTube for more updates on the CambrianSV Bootcamp. 

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