is a simple, secure way to purchase Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin the simplest, secure way possible: review

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has a unique quality that makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies. It is the only digital currency that follows the original Satoshi Vision on what Bitcoin is supposed to be, which is a way of saying that crypto is supposed to exist for one main purpose – to be used as currency. More retailers continue to embrace BSV as an alternative and there are already a number of ways to purchase the currency using fiat. However, without a doubt, one of the easiest methods is

To give a little background, the BuyBSV platform is a Coinify-powered service that allows individuals to make BSV purchases using credit or debit cards, or bank transfers, and the process is short and sweet. In just a few steps, a BSV wallet can be filled, making it easy to start transacting with retailers that support the digital currency. By visiting the BuyBSV site and creating an account (all that’s needed is an email address), making purchases can be accomplished without having to go through the hassle of providing personal data.

Personally, I feel that having access to a solution that is so easy to use is a huge benefit. I know that I can jump on at any time, buy BSV and have it sent to my CentBee wallet in just a matter of a few minutes – I never have to give up my daily routine. Not having to provide any of my personal data is a huge plus.

The site provides different levels of accounts, depending on how much someone may want to purchase. At the basic level, up to €300 ($331) can be purchased with no need to share identity information. Level 2, which allows transactions up to €800 ($884) and a daily limit of €3,000 ($3,315), needs an ID. The same goes for Level 3, which allows up to €3,000 daily via credit or debits cards and up to €10,000 ($11,053) via bank transfers.

Despite being readily available in virtually all European countries, there is still some room for BuyBSV to grow. In North America, BuyBSV is available in Canada, but operating in the U.S. requires that the company become authorized in each of the individual states, making a rollout in the country a logistical nightmare. However, give it time – the U.S. will eventually come around and realize that crypto is here to stay and should be embraced, not pushed away.

I’ve used BuyBSV on a few occasions already and have yet to find a reason to talk bad about. It has been an awesome platform – simple yet complete, and works exactly as it should every time.

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