Bitcoin SV accepted: Online store Tabalini integrates Money Button

Bitcoin SV accepted: Online store Tabalini integrates Money Button

Fans of Bitcoin SV (BSV) have a new spot to add to their lists when they want to do some online shopping. In a directory of eCommerce sites that continues to grow longer on virtually a daily basis, Tabalini is the latest to make an appearance. The fashion retailer has announced that it now accepts BSV and the checkout process is made even easier with the Money Button.

The retailer, offering an array of fashion accessories for men and women, announced via Twitter that it is now accepting BSV payments, explaining, “We now accept #bsv #bitcoin as payment. Some items have an integrated #moneybutton.”

The integrated Money Button the purchasing process in a similar fashion as Amazon’s One-Click solution. The indication that some of the products include the feature is most likely a sign that support is being added to additional products as the payment solution continues to be introduced. The company adds, “Once the Money Button is swiped, email us with the payment screen shot and shipping address at [email protected] NOTE* NO SHIPPING FEES FOR SWIPING.”

From buying groceries to buying yachts, BSV is quickly becoming a popular alternative to fiat by retailers across the globe. With its truly international and borderless functionality, and extremely inexpensive transaction fees, the appeal to new industries and users is obvious. Compared to some digital currencies that charge a couple of dollars on each transaction, BSV, due to its massive blockchain scaling, has transaction fees of just pennies.

The choice to use Money Button is key as well, as it makes it extremely easy to use BSV for purchases. Instead of having to go through the hassle of copying and pasting hash addresses from wallets to eCommerce payment platforms, the Money Button facilitates payments with nothing more than a swipe. Given the consumer’s preference for easier shopping experiences, Money Button achieves greater results and delivers exactly what consumers want.

Tabalini offers virtually any type of apparel or accessory, from clothing to jewelry to purses, in a range of prices and styles. It’s so proud of its inclusion of BSV as a payment option that it proudly displays an announcement about the option on its website.

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