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BuyBSV now available in Russia, South Africa and Nigeria, the platform that makes it quick and easy to purchase Bitcoin, is now available in Russia, South Africa and Nigeria. The three countries join over 40 others, including the U.S., the U.K, Brazil and Germany, where residents can purchase Bitcoin easily via credit cards and bank transfers.

By expanding to the three countries, BuyBSV has now given over 400 million people an easy way to access Bitcoin. The three nations have also been some of the biggest adopters of Bitcoin in recent years, both in Bitcoin ownership as well as the number of developers building on the massively scalable Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The three countries join over 40 others in which BuyBSV is available. They include the U.S, Brazil, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and Canada. The service is also widely popular in Europe, with Germany, the U.K., Belgium, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Monaco, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden—some of the countries where it’s available.

In addition to the easy access to Bitcoin, websites, blogs, online portals and vlogs in Russia, South Africa and Nigeria will now be able to embed a specially designed widget on their platforms, allowing their visitors to directly purchase BSV.

BuyBSV is a joint effort between CoinGeek and Coinify, a Danish digital currency exchange. The service allows users to set up their account, get verified in minutes and once they purchase the BSV, receive it in their wallets within an hour. Users can purchase up to €100 per order if they have a basic account and up to €10,000 if they upgrade their account.

BuyBSV’s continued growth and expansion is testament to the rapid growth that BSV has continued to experience. Despite being less than two years old, BSV has already risen to become the only massively scalable blockchain network, allowing developers to build applications that can serve billions across the world. With its low transactions fees, stable protocol and near-instant transactions, BSV has cemented its position at the top.

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