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Bull or Bear? Bitskwela holds the Philippines’ first Web3 debate

Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse have become the biggest trends in the blockchain and tech industries in recent years. However, they are still shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. At the upcoming Bull or Bear, attendees will have some of the industry’s thought leaders shed light on these new trends.

Dubbed “The Philippines’ First Web3 Debate,” the event is being organized by Bitskwela, the leading Filipino edtech platform providing digital asset education in local languages. It will be held on November 16 from 6 p.m. Manila at the heart of the eagerly-awaited Philippine Web3 Festival.

Among the debaters will be Mark Nunez, the senior partnerships manager at GCrypto, the upcoming digital asset wallet by leading mobile payments wallet GCash.

Paul Soliman, whose company Bayanichain seeks to revolutionize how blockchain is perceived and boost adoption in the Philippines, will also be among the debaters.

Others will be Nelson Lumbres from ICP Manila and Jen Bilango, the Growth Lead at Blockchain Space, a company that connects gamers and investors in the web3 space.

While most events are structured around panels in which everyone gives their opinion, Bitskwela’s approach is different. It will feature an actual debate in which the participants must take sides on various issues. Armed with stands which they can flip to either green for agreeing or red for disagreeing, they will be asked to debate several issues in web3, the metaverse, NFTs, digital assets, blockchain technology, and more.

The debate will also welcome participation from the audience, who can ask the debaters questions or make their own contributions to the issues being debated.

In addition, the attendees will get the opportunity to network with digital currency OGs, developers, startup founders, marketers, and other web3 enthusiasts.

This is one event you don’t want to miss, and with its limited tickets. Better hurry up and register here to book your space at the Philippines’ first Web3 debate!

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