BSV Stories premieres on March 30 with a look at how Buskon is changing music

YouTube video

In the fast moving world of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the power of unlimited scaling and innovating new applications frequently take the spotlight. But the real life use of those applications, and how they affect every day people, are the heart of what the Bitcoin community is trying to achieve. To shine a light on those people, CoinGeek will be releasing the first episode of BSV Stories on March 30.

This first episode focuses on the South Korean music scene, a thriving community that of course features K-Pop, but also has a variety of other styles, including jazz. While top K-Pop stars have easily thrived on popular music services, CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower will explore how the new BSV app Buskon is changing the game, by allowing every level of musician to get discovered, and monetize their content.

BSV Stories will take you to the offices of Buskon, where you’ll learn more about their passion for Bitcoin, and in helping musicians with this new application. Then you’ll see how real world use of Buskon is helping musicians monetize their work in whole new ways, using Bitcoin to get discovered and get rewarded for work that may have previously gone undervalued.

This is just the first of many BSV Stories CoinGeek hopes to explore. As Bitcoin becomes so ubiquitous that every day people don’t even realize they’re using it, we’ll continue to feature stories of real world use, and how Bitcoin is making for a better world.

All of this is only possible through the professionalism and ingenuity of the Bitcoin community. With a stable protocol and unlimited scaling, BSV enterprises are realizing incredible new utility, and packaging those uses into user friendly experiences that can achieve real world adoption. The user just enjoys some music and gives a tip, while Bitcoin takes care of the rest in the background.

Bitcoin is achieving the potential it has always shown, and CoinGeek wants to share how that’s resulting in a better world. So come back on March 30, and enjoy the first of many BSV Stories, “Making Music with Bitcoin.”

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