BitcoinSV and Latoken

BSV now listed on LATOKEN exchange

It’s official! As of August 1, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) token is available on LATOKEN.

The listing is yet more momentum for BSV, which has been gaining traction steadily for the past several years. With millions of daily transactions, a huge wave of application development, and scaling solutions to take the BSV blockchain into the millions of transactions per second, the LATOKEN listing will serve as another onramp for users who want to obtain BSV tokens to interact with the world’s most scalable utility blockchain.

“With LATOKEN, we welcome just another significant digital asset exchange which now enables its users access to BSV. After the recent announcement of Huobi in Japan, we appreciate that further professional industry players are exploring the utility of a scalable blockchain with reliably ultra-low transaction fees. As we speak, we are in discussion with further exchanges which registered interest to list BSV in the near future,” Patrick Prinz, Managing Director of Bitcoin Association for BSV, tells CoinGeek.


LATOKEN entered the top 20 digital currency exchanges in 2019 and has been rapidly growing since. It’s focused on liquidity for tokens, token sales at pre-sale and crowd-sale stages, Security Token Offerings (STOs), and strict legal and regulatory compliance.

LATOKEN is known to be selective about the tokens it lists. Speaking about Bitcoin SV, it described it as “a reliable open source software, providing the fundamental requirements for enterprise-grade blockchain applications.”

Momentum continues to build for BSV

While the digital currency industry deals with a loss of confidence following the mass liquidations and seizing of customers’ funds experienced in recent months, Bitcoin SV continues to gain momentum and differentiate itself.

In the last year, BSV has proven itself as technically superior to other blockchains, clocking millions of transactions per day, processing 4GB blocks with ease, and utilizing Bitcoin Script to enable transactions of all kinds, from remittances to gaming.

Slowly but surely, the world realizes the power and potential of the original, unbounded Bitcoin protocol. A wave of development is taking place on the blockchain, focusing on enterprise solutions. These include everything from cybersecurity tools like CertiHash, developed in partnership with IBM, to gaming applications like CryptoFights and Haste Arcade.

In order to interact with these applications, users need to buy, sell, and trade BSV tokens. The listing by Huobi Japan in June, and now LATOKEN makes it easier for them to do so on a safe, regulated exchange with a sterling reputation.

“We have been working nonstop across the world to educate and inform just how transformative BSV and its technology can be. The LATOKEN listing of BSV demonstrates every growing trajectory the digital assets are going in. This is especially true when it comes to exploring the possibilities and solutions that blockchain technology can provide to businesses, governments, and countries,” Shawn Ryan, Director of Corporate Relationships – Exchanges, Wallets, for the Bitcoin Association for BSV, said in a statement.

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