BSV Meetup Haarlem coming this week

BSV Meetup Haarlem coming this week

Bitcoin SV (BSV) meetups continue to gain steam and are becoming an integral part of the BSV ecosystem. There are meetups found now throughout the world from Canada to Australia and from the Philippines to the Netherlands, and popularity is on the rise. There has also been innovation within the meetups, such as the “Bitcoin Buddy” system that forges advanced relationships between different BSV meetup groups. The first Bitcoin Buddy pair was Sydney, Australia, and Haarlem in the Netherlands, and Haarlem is beginning to receive international recognition for its meetups. 

“Jeff” stated on Twitter over the weekend, “This is one of the best bio’s for a #Bitcoin SV meetup I have ever read.” He included a link to the next Haarlem BSV meetup page, which highlights some of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting. Among others, attendees can talk about the launch of the FloatSV exchange, the new RelayX mobile wallet, the OpenWifiSV project and new merchants that are popping up across the Netherlands that now accept BSV. 

The startup takes place this Wednesday, May 1, from 2-5 p.m. It will be held at Café Aimée, which is a BSV merchant. According to Haarlem’s meetup page, “Café Aimée has great food and drink specials. They currently accept BSV if that is how you would like to pay. This meetup is education focused on Bitcoin SV, (BSV). [The meetup] is open to beginners or advanced and sets out to be fun exciting and informative.”

BSV fans in Haarlem held their first meetup in February and participation continues to grow. Last month, six new attendees showed up and this next gathering should prove to be even better. 

The BSV ecosystem continues to expand both in adoption and in innovation. Projects like OpenWifiSV and CalendarSV are showing the strength of the network and help to increase adoption. OpenWifiSV allows anyone to log into an open Wi-Fi source and pay using the MoneyButton and CalendarSV is an “experimental on-chain calendar service” on BSV. Anyone can create a calendar, which is then permanently—and immutably—stored on the blockchain. 

As pointed out by the Haarlem BSV meetup group, the Netherlands has a couple new additions to its list of BSV merchants. The Noble Savage High Voltage barbershop in Den Haag and Cafetaria De Spoorbrug in Sliedrecht are now onboard. 

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