BSV friendly Swapzone strives to give users a choice

Digital currency exchange aggregator Swapzone recently announced its support for Bitcoin SV. We caught up with their marketing advisory Marija Carola to share with us how Swapzone works, the company’s future plans as well as their insights on the blockchain and digital currency industry.

How does Swapzone work?

We work with [digital currency exchange] service providers directly, aggregate the exchange deals, and showcase them to our users in one interface. The main point of aggregation is giving our users a choice—you can see all the deals available on just one screen, pick the one that suits you, and swap cryptocurrency quickly and easily, without the need to jump from one service to another. The working process, too, is fairly simple—when a user puts down the data on the exchange—say you would like to swap ETH to BSV—we direct the inquiry to the exchange platforms through the APIs, get the responses, sort them out by best rate, and present to you.


When did Swapzone add BSV support? What was the deciding factor for Swapzone to add BSV support?

BSV was one of the first assets we have supported on our platform—we know that the crypto community is interested in having Bitcoin SV exchanges on our aggregating service, so it was a fairly logical decision to support it right away (at launch).

Besides, Bitcoin SV community always remains very supportive of new services that have the asset on board—for a new platform, this point is also very important.

What do you think is the future of the digital currency industry, particularly with tightening regulations like 5AMLD? Where is the industry headed?

I honestly think that the crypto space is becoming more and more mature. From Lambos and Moons (which we still have a great deal of fun with, of course), we are now headed towards a thought-out financial ecosystem with rules, laws, and regulations. 

What is in the pipeline for Swapzone? Can you share with us the platform’s plans for the future?

The most major plan of Swapzone is expansion—adding more services under the hood, more assets, more integrations, working tighter with the cryptocurrency community to check what our users want to see in the aggregator. We already have lots of offers and options on board, but you know, it’s never enough if you want to build the best product possible.

We strive to bring those who use cryptocurrency a fair, transparent exchange service that provides all the data needed to make an informed decision when swapping funds.  

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