BSV App Testers opens platform to all—get paid to test Bitcoin SV apps too

Some like to try out new apps purely out of interest—but since this is Bitcoin, why not get paid for it too? BSV App Testers, the group offering to perform real-world user experience tests, has created a platform where any developer can post a job, and any user can sign on to earn.

App testing doesn’t always require technical knowledge or examining the code. Developers also need more general experience testing for features, functionality, design, explanations (does it have typos, or confusing instructions?) and overall usability. Then there’s multiple platforms to deal with—an app may work fine on iOS, but not on Android, or features that work fine in a browser aren’t so great on mobile interfaces.

A site or mobile app might have slick graphic design but at the expense of speed and usability. Some features might be great, but hard to discover without explanation, or aren’t intuitive enough to understand. Often, a great app has one or two typos or translation issues—these often have a subconscious impact on how credible or trustworthy users will regard the app.

Now anyone can request testing, or be a tester

When we first interviewed BSV App Testers back in May, the group was operating on a 1:1 basis with interested clients, interacting only via social media and deploying its own team of five testers.

This week, BSV App Testers released a more complete platform to allow anyone to participate. Developers can post a job on its boards for three main test types: bug reports, feature test, or a more advanced penetration tests. They can set a price per person for the work (listed in local fiat currency values but paid in BSV) and open the offer to all, or specific people.

Ordinary users, whether they’re technically knowledgeable or not, can sign on using Money Button or RelayX as a tester. Depending on the level of expertise required for the offer, users post responses which developers can then approve in order to pay the amount offered.

As an example, BSV App Testers invited users to try out its own website and report on bugs for $3 (minus the platform’s service charge). Responses included inconsistent name capitalizations, experiences uploading images and editing user profiles, design and meanings of certain features, and language translation issues.

BSV App Testers’ platform is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi.

Pay-as-you-go or set packages

There are a few different ways for developers to get their apps tested. The first is the more “crowdsourced” method listed above, by posting specific or general questions on set topics for a small price per short review.

The BSV App Testers team also offers more complete in-house packages, offering full reports. There are three tiers for this: the “Starter” package with general function and feature testing for US$249; the “Professional” package which adds multi-platform testing, an art/design review, and report on illicit use attempts; and the “Premium” package which also includes in-browser script hacks, penetration testing, and international accessibility. Reports for the three tiers can be produced in three, 10, and 14 days.

BSV App Testers is one more way the restored Bitcoin protocol is creating a new economy by offering the potential to pay and earn in small amounts. Though $3 may not count as a micropayment, it’s small enough to be infeasible or inconvenient if the platform used credit card payments, or a deliberately-limited blockchain like BTC (where it often costs more than $3 in fees to send the transaction).

Bitcoin was always supposed to be about creating new ways to earn, and also make it easier. BSV fulfils this promise, and platforms like BSV App Testers show how it can be done. Allowing users to login with existing wallet credentials, rather than creating whole new accounts, is another way BSV is leading the way, simply by doing Bitcoin right.

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