Brimhall to use blockchain for to track snack supply chain

Brimhall to use blockchain for to track snack supply chain

Brimhall, a US-based snack-food manufacturer, has formed a partnership with Surge Holding to use a blockchain ordering system for distribution of their product.

According to reports, Brimhall has been working to grow its distribution network. Through the newly formed partnership, Brimhall plans to use Surge’s system, the SurgePays blockchain network, to access tens of thousands of new stores.

Speaking on the partnership, Terry Brimhall, the president of Brimhall Foods, had this to say:

“The SurgePays platform provides efficiencies that will allow us to expand our retail distribution nationwide. Through this network, we will have access to tens of thousands of additional retail locations that would otherwise require expanding our direct sales force and distribution network.”

Surge Holdings CEO, Brian Cox explained that the partnership would start with BRIM offering 15 products through the networks. Cox added that these products would be ordered and replenished by their in-network conveniences stores, bodegas or corner markets.

Some of the products to be offered on the platform include Pork Cracklin Dippers, BBQ Pork Rinds, Seasoned Pork Cracklin Strips and Butter Popcorn. Cox also had this to say:

“Equally important, offering BRIM’s products through the SurgePays Network provide significant benefits to the convenience stores, corner markets and bodegas in our network, as they will have access to a wide range of high quality and delicious products that can be easily ordered and replenished through the retail portal.”

Surge Holdings is a retail supply chain company that makes use of blockchain technology. Reportedly, the company aspires to become a virtual distribution hub.

Like Brimhall, many companies are turning to the blockchain for help with their supply chain systems. Last month, Nestlé, Carrefour and IBM partnered to track food using blockchain technology. This partnership sought to create trust between producers and customers by allowing customers to get more information on their products.

Earlier this month, Target, one of the largest retailers in the U.S, announced that they would be using blockchain to track their supply chain accurately. Target has been using blockchain since 2018 as part of a pilot program. They explained that they are using blockchain to create suppliers certification dubbed as ConsenSource. This certification will be used with Hyperledger Grid, a supply chain framework project.

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