Gate2Chain and Minta partnership with Christen Ager-Hanssen and Bart Olivares

Blockchain tech enabler Gate2Chain joins nChain family, a unicorn in the making

On March 28, nChain announced a 20% acquisition and a Strategic Partnership with Gate2Chain to develop Web3 solutions and drive mass adoption of Gate2Chain’s blockchain-powered suite of products.

For me, this partnership announcement—one of many from nChain as of late—has an extra special place in my heart because I had such an amazing experience at the Gate2Chain conference and hospitality weekend in Mallorca this past December. I cannot speak highly enough of the Gate2Chain team who took such good care of me in Mallorca, including Bart Olivares, CEO and Founder and truly believe this partnership will inspire big things within the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

So what does Gate2Chain do for the ecosystem, exactly?

“We build solutions that solve real world problems using the most scalable and fastest blockchain technology (BSV). Our goal is to increase honesty, accountability and efficiency for businesses,” Olivares shared with me.

“Our key solution is the G2C Developer Suite, an enterprise-grade framework that allows easy integration with existing apps and IT systems. With G2C Suite, businesses can easily manage wallets, store data on-chain, process direct and conditional payments, organize data using Metanet trees, and tokenise products, services and tickets,” he said.

“Our second solution is Minta, a pioneering marketplace and social network that enables creators to generate new forms of revenue through the tokenization of goods and services, giving them complete control of the distribution through direct sales, auctions and royalties,” Olivares said.

“’Trace’ the latest platforms developed in conjunction with IBM, gives the manufacturing industry a competitive advantage through the creation of digital twins, that provide proof of authenticity, ownership and provenance, traceability and valuable data on the lifespan of any product. This solution reduces fraud and counterfeits, as well as increase brand protection,” he added.

When I was in Mallorca, the synergies between nChain and Gate2Chain were obvious to me and with this partnership now officially in place, the Gate2Chain suite products can be taken to a whole new level.

“By joining forces with nChain, we gain access to a wealth of knowledge, Intellectual Property and skills that accelerates the time it takes us to reach our goals. Companies generally thrive when teams collaborate together to solve problems,” revealed Olivares.

“We take patents as a serious matter. Our clients deserve and need to be protected and have the right licenses to use the technology. The partnership has strengthened us moving into the commercial phase,” he added.

Christen Ager-Hanssen, Group CEO of nChain, has nothing but the best things to say about Gate2Chain and the team behind it. He raved about their suite of tools, all with the ability to scale the ecosystem massively.

“All of these things fall into my overall plan of where I want to take nChain. I believe they are going to be a Unicorn and I’m going to support them. nChain’s success is all about building Unicorns on our technology, I will not do it if I don’t see them as a potential Unicorn,” Ager-Hanssen shared with me.

He went on to explain that nChain is the “plumbing” and Gate2Chain is there to make it easy for people to onboard this blockchain-powered tech and scale. His overall mission for nChain is to help people convert from Web2 to Web3, the next generation internet, while empowering people, democratizing the world and making everything more transparent.

When asked how he defines “Web3,” Olivares described it as an optimization of the existing internet, allowing for greater privacy through peer-to-peer communication.

“With our Gate2Chain, Minta and Trace platforms, you no longer need to understand complex lines of code, nor unusual lingo, it is as easy as ‘plug-and-play.’ Our Gate2Chain Developer Suite was built specifically for system integrators, serving as the foundation layer to transitions from Web2 to Web3,” he said.

In addition to having a solid offering in place, Ager-Hanssen also noted the importance of the actual people who make up the team behind the offering—it’s a particular “energy” he is looking for. This calibre of energy is exactly what Ager-Hanssen identified in Olivares and his team.

“When I see people with a passion, drive, commitment, they can do anything. Business plans can change, but people cannot change. It’s about passion,” Ager-Hansen said.

The Gate2Chain team feels the same way about Ager-Hanssen and also Dr. Craig S. Wright, an inventor whose work they credit for the existence of Gate2Chain today.

“Our admiration goes back to 2018, the year we discovered the truth about Bitcoin. We spent time understanding [Dr. Wright’s] work and putting the pieces together, we eventually came to the conclusion that Bitcoin was more than electronic cash, it was a powerful communication protocol. From that moment on, we decided to follow and build on Satoshi’s vision, leading up until 2019 when we founded Gate2Chain,” Olivares confirmed.

“We have spent many years learning, with equal amounts of success as well as mistakes, working discreetly in the background until our launch a few years ago. The agreement with nChain means a lot to us, it marks the start of a new chapter, and gives us the necessary pieces to start solving problems on a global stage,” he added.

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