Blockchain group prepares reports on digital identities, decentralized tech

Blockchain group to report on digital identities, decentralized tech

The Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica (Ibero-America Blockchain Alliance) was founded last year as an effort to provide training, research, data collection and activities of blockchain ecosystems and decentralized technologies among Spanish-speaking countries. Its members include the Bitcoin Argentina Foundation, Blockchain Colombia, Blockchain Panama, Blockchain Chile and Blockchain Spain. The group has announced that it is preparing several reports to be distributed this year, including one on digital identity and another on decentralized technologies.

Blockchain Spain’s node coordinator, Alex Preukschat, states, “A study will be published, possibly in April, on decentralized digital identity initiatives in the Ibero-American region. It will be a complete review today.” He added, “It’s the next big project we have.”

The study is being directed in Spain, but will include all members of the alliance. In conjunction with the effort, different activities will be hosted in the member countries to gather as much input as possible. Preukschat emphasized that there are regular “meetups” being held in Spain, as well as the other member countries, in order to raise awareness of the group and its efforts.

The Ibero-American blockchain ecosystem and digital identities will be the subject of two reports, but they won’t be the only ones. Preukschat didn’t elaborate on what these might entail, only stating that there would be more.

The alliance believes that 2019 is a good year to be dedicated to blockchain education. Preukschat asserts that more work is done with the technology when the prices slip, adding that there is “less noise” and “you can get to know interesting people.”

Preukschat added that the interest in new technologies varies from country to country around the world, and that it is more moderate among the Ibero-American countries. He explained, “In Hispanic countries, the interest is more modest compared to other countries such as the Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, etc. In the Ibero-American world, the interest is there, but it is more prudent.”

More than just a blockchain and crypto enthusiast, Preukschat is a well-known individual in the Ibero-American blockchain community. He has written a number of books on the subject and was involved in the Spanish-language, “Blockchain: la revolución industrial de Internet” (Blockchain: The industrial revolution of the Internet), which was one of the ten top books on Amazon Spain in May 2017. He was also involved in “El Libro de Satoshi,” a translation of the English-language book by the same name, “The Book of Satoshi,” which was written by Phil Champagne.

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