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Blockchain for enterprise and government applications? Here’s what you can expect at the London Blockchain Conference

The London Blockchain Conference is almost here. The event, which will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, kicks off on May 31 and will bring together some of the world’s top thought leaders in Bitcoin and blockchain. It will delve into how blockchain transforms several industries, from supply chain and gaming to government and enterprise applications and more.

While blockchain adoption is surging globally, most enterprises still shy away from the technology, fearing they lack the technical capability to integrate it. At the conference, some of the industry’s key thought leaders and innovators would break down how any business can leverage blockchain to cut costs, increase efficiency, and create a robust business network.

In his presentation, Brendan Lee will talk about how any business can leverage Bitcoin. Lee is the founder of the application platform development company Elas Digital. Elas co-founder Mohammad Jaber will also take to the stage on Day 1 to talk about how enterprises can fight counterfeiting with blockchain. Counterfeiting is becoming a global scourge, with some studies estimating it’s as high as $4.5 trillion annually, bigger than Germany’s economy.

For enterprises and government applications, a blockchain network’s scalability is paramount. With millions of people served daily, these applications would grind to a halt if deployed on a network with scaling bottlenecks.

The wave of blockchain enterprise adoption

Day 2 of the London Blockchain Conference will dive deeper into enterprise blockchain applications. Giovanni Franzese will take to the stage to talk about the perils, promises, and successes of enterprise blockchain. Franzese worked at Ericsson for over three decades, and was charged with blockchain development at the Swedish IT giant.

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero will moderate a panel on how blockchain-powered trust helps enterprises maintain an affinity for their brands with their customers. She will be joined by VX Technologies President Justin Pauly and Kirsty Barany-Gibson, the program lead for Access New York.

Paul Rajchgod will delve into the wave of blockchain adoption by enterprises in his Day 3 presentation. Rajchgod is the managing director for private equity at Ayre Ventures and has spearheaded the funding of dozens of enterprise blockchain startups.

For enterprise and government applications, a key challenge is data silos that limit their efficiency. Every other enterprise has its own silo of customer data collected over the years. Even within one enterprise, data fragmentation prevents one department from leveraging data held by another department. In addition to reducing efficiency, data silos are also a godsend for hackers.

Building interoperable databases through blockchain to replace the data silos will be among the topics discussed at the conference.

The three-day event will feature sessions on many other topics, including NFTs, Web3, digital asset regulations, tokenization, central bank digital currencies, decentralized identity, and more. It will feature over 100 speakers and 24 hours of sessions and panel discussions, with Dr. Craig Wright among those to take to the stage.

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