Block Seoul 2018: More blockchain-centered discussions, less crypto talks

Block Seoul 2018: More blockchain-centered discussions, less crypto talks

The inaugural Block Seoul 2018 kicked off in South Korea last September 16, delivering discussions mostly centering on Korea’s crypto industry as well as blockchain technology and its footprints in certain industries, couple with a few dialogues about cryptocurrencies.

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The event attracted attendees from blockchain-focused companies, investors and a lot of peers from media coming from all over the world. Sponsored by blockchain-optimized dating app Luna, the event was poised as a summit to connect investors and innovators into creating impactful projects within the blockchain space and discuss how the technology can disrupt and accelerate traditional industries.

The four-day summit opened with a party welcoming delegates with beats and music by DJ Dguru, one of South Korea’s most influential DJs. This night also served as an avenue for networking and establish businesses among attendees. All of these—networking and parties—continued all throughout the days of the summit.

The opening night was followed by a three-day conference at the picturesque Some Sevit Island Complex where keynote speeches and panel discussions from influencers were heard and seen.

The conference days may have been slower than expected compared to other Seoul-based blockchain events, gathering only less than a hundred people on the floor but it did capture some insightful thoughts, anecdotes, learning and tips from the thought leaders themselves.

Leading the array of speakers were Wikipedia co-founder James Wales, former New York Governor David Paterson, former United States Director of Intelligence James Clapper, and BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee.

The event’s highlight was the high-caliber panel discussion of representatives from the government and technology enterprises moderated by Lee. In spite of the session topic focusing on the future of cybersecurity, Lee was able to stir the discussion not just around blockchain alone but also cryptocurrencies.

The one key takeaway among all the sessions and presentations at the Block Seoul 2018 is that segments of the public—from government to media, tech and blockchain communities—have a vital role in understanding the emerging technologies in a pace where all will be able to keep up with the enduring changes, and actually do something to support and improve them.

For tech and blockchain communities, understanding what the technology means for the people in their daily lives; for the media, delving deeper into these new tools and not only its surface to be able to construct the right messages the general public has to know; and for the government, enabling support on these new inventions, and efficiently creating regulations which will ensure protection and safety of public while taking into account the potentials for growth and benefits of these technologies to the nation and its people.

Watch the Block Seoul 2018 panels here: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3

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