Roy Murphy

Bitstocks podcast: Who is Roy Murphy?

Who is Roy Murphy? You have probably seen him on Twitter, taking deep dives into topics of conversation in what seems to be real-time when they come off the press, or maybe you know him because you have been part of the greater blockchain ecosystem, especially during its earliest days.

Regardless, Roy Murphy is infamous in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, and on Bitstocks podcast episode 43, “Bitcoin’s First Commercial Miner?!” we get to learn more about Murphy’s history, his skillsets, and his life.

Murphy and Michael Hudson, the founder and CEO of Bitstocks as well as the host of the Bitstocks podcast, begin the episode by talking about how Murphy found Bitcoin. From there, the conversation tends to focus on Murphy’s upbringing and his experiences in life before the episode circles back to Bitcoin when Murphy begins talking about Bitcoin at a very technical and theoretical level.

What I find unique about this episode is Murphy’s vast knowledge about a variety of topics, as well as his life experiences and personality. In summation, you can see how and why Murphy can take a deep dive into Bitcoin and its technicalities as well as have a strong understanding of what goes on under the hood, even at the theoretical level.

You can watch Bitstocks podcast episode 43, “Bitcoin’s First Commercial Miner?!” featuring Roy Murphy on the Bitstocks YouTube channel.

YouTube video

Keep in mind that this is only part one of the episode featuring Roy Murphy. Part one explores how Murphy found Bitcoin, his previous work experiences, and other information about Murphy’s life history. It gives the audience insight into why Murphy operates the way he operates as well as what drives and inspires him to jump down rabbit holes. You can expect part two of Hudson’s conversation with Murphy to be released sometime soon™.

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