Bitstocks’ London meetup explores what’s in store for Bitcoin

Bitstocks’ London meetup explores what’s in store for Bitcoin

In 2018, we saw public awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain raised further from the previous year. There was no shortage of drama surrounding the November 15 hard fork and the subsequent emergence of Bitcoin SV as the continuation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision, miners’ consensus, scalability, and all.

While everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about the crypto world, there’s a lot to filter out if one is to have a good idea of what’s going on.

Bitstocks, the London-based investment firm focused on cryptocurrency markets, is holding an event precisely to shed light on what makes Bitcoin SV so compelling and poised to be the future of cryptocurrencies, if not of money itself. Oh, and there will be booze.

Bitcoin: Reshaping Power and Money’ is the first of Bitstocks’ CryptoTalk MeetUps in 2019, to be held on Tuesday, January 15, from 6 to 9 p.m., at WeWork, 138 Holborn in London, England. CoinGeek is sponsoring the event, and will be providing the welcome drinks.

Petter Ikekhua from AyreMedia/CoinGeek will give the first talk, an overview of Bitcoin SV, and what makes it the Bitcoin.

Next, Bitstocks’ Antonio Shillingford will take a look at the global economy, and Bitcoin SV’s part in altering institutions, to make for more decentralized services and interactions.

The last talk will have Bitstocks Investment Associate Stephen Ierotheou discuss what the company has been up to, and what to expect in 2019. In particular, Bitstocks is set to launch Gravity, described as a Bitcoin banking ecosystem, that seeks to make the use of Bitcoin as easy as any other transaction. Gravity will provide services normally associated with traditional banking, and while displaying amounts to the convenience of the user, e.g. local fiat, balances will be based on one’s Bitcoin account. The company promises numerous uses, with plans for merchant and custody services later on.

The event is also a great networking opportunity, with time allotted to make new friends, and potential business partners.

Make sure to register for this Bitstocks CryptoTalk MeetUp by indicating your attendance in the Meetup page. It’s free!

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