Bitek CEO talks spreading Bitcoin SV news in Latin America

YouTube video

Latin America is one of the regions where cryptocurrencies are expected to make the most impact. With a high population of unbanked people, an expensive and inaccessible financial industry and political instability in some countries, cryptos have been a godsend for many. CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero caught up with Boris Javier Barrera, the CEO of Bitek, a Colombian payments processor that’s bringing the benefits of cryptos to the people of South America.

Speaking during the Expo-Bitcoin International conference held in Bogota, Colombia, Barrera stated that he believes Bitcoin is already making its mark in the country. The event, which his company organized, did more than just bring together the BSV community; it allowed the attendants to use BSV for payments, with everything in the conference being sold in crypto.

The conference also brought all the leading minds in the BSV community together, from the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen to nChain CTO Steve Shadders. However, for Barrera, the highlight was seeing Bitcoin creator, Dr. Craig Wright in person.

Dr. Wright’s personality was as endearing as his intellect, Barrera told CoinGeek. Even when some people couldn’t quite comprehend everything he was talking about, they were just happy to listen to him, take pictures with him and just interact with him.

Colombia is one of the largest crypto communities in the Latin American region, he continued. And there’s even more potential for cryptos as more people recognize the freedom that they offer.

“In 2017, it is estimated that almost 2% of the GDP of Colombia was represented by Bitcoin transactions. This is huge,” he remarked.

However, unfortunately for many Colombians, what they have been referring to as Bitcoin is the corrupted SegWitCoin (BTC), which is slow and expensive. Barrera, through his company Bitek, is changing this narrative by introducing more people to Bitcoin SV, the only Bitcoin project that follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

Bitcoin, the original version is fast, reliable and very, very cheap in fees. Bitcoin SV is the only cryptocurrency in the world which follows the original protocol of Bitcoin, of the original whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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