Bitcoin’s Got Talent episode 4: River makes first ‘no’ vote

YouTube video

Episode four of Bitcoin’s Got Talent (BGT) is live, featuring three contestants—two Bitcoin businesses and one digital currency-related performance—pitch and perform in front of the panel of judges that includes Isaac Morehouse, Jack Liu, River, and special guest, Ella Qiang. Qiang, the Southeast Asia manager at the Bitcoin Association, is the co-creator of the Cambrian SV Bootcamp, and formerly ran Operations & Growth at as well as Business Development at FloatSV.

Anton Broadhurst is the first contestant to take the stage. The business—NuLight CBD—that Broadhurst pitches to the judges is unique because it is not built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Instead, NuLight has recently decided to accept Bitcoin SV (BSV) and is even offering a 30% discount to any BGT viewers that watch the episode and grab the exclusive discount code that Broadhurst mentions during the episode.

Misha Pelt, a local legend in the Bitcoin space, takes the stage next and tells the judges about her Bitcoin business—PeerTunes. Misha is a musician as well as an early adopter of new apps and services that we often see rolled out on Bitcoin. PeerTunes is a business that feeds off of Misha’s strength as a musician and facilitates the creation of novelty items that can be intertwined with Bitcoin.

The third contestant on the show is Melissa Richelle, a comedian and Bitcoin enthusiast that performs her blockchain-related comedy set for the judges. Episode four marks Richelle’s second appearance on BGT; she was also a contestant on episode two of BGT and may even become a recurring guest on the show.

If you have not already watched episode four of Bitcoin’s Got Talent, you can watch the full episode, as well as the previous three episodes on the Bitcoin’s Got Talent YouTube channel.

Episode four of Bitcoin’s Got Talent is the very first episode where River votes ‘no’ on one of the contestant pitches—that being said, you are definitely going to want to check this episode out!

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