Bitcoin vs. Pokemon, who will catch 'em all?

Bitcoin vs. Pokemon, who will catch ’em all?

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass some time or need to take a break from a hectic work schedule, this game is the perfect solution. At the very least, it’s good for a few laughs. Bitcoin takes on Pokemon in a game that uses Bitcoin SV (BSV) to make moves as you gotta catch ‘em all. 

The game can be found at Players pay less than $0.01 (1/10 of a penny, to be exact) to make a move by choosing a Money Button option – up, down, right, left. The money is received as a donation to the site, with the game’s developer stating, “All proceeds are considered donations to maintain the site. I am not charging anyone to play the game but merely tying OP RETURN data in donations to keypresses. This was merely the result of an educational project for myself. The only donations that are monitored are Bitcoin SV donations. Please do NOT send [Bitcoin Core] or [Bitcoin BCH] to this address. Money Button does not allow for more than 25 chained unconfirmed transactions, if you get an error that says 400 Bad Request that is more than likely the culprit.”

YouTube video

The game is livestreamed on Twitch; however, the developer acknowledges that the stream lags by about six seconds. The moves are displayed in real time in text format in a box separate from the stream. 

The game shows the strength and efficiency of BSV as an alternative currency to fiat. Incorporating the Money Button to enable microtransactions further concretes the digital currency’s place as the leading currency for facilitating peer-to-peer transactions. While most crypto projects have steered away from the original Satoshi Vision and have created projects that are now more centralized and less useful as a fiat alternative, the BSV blockchain has held onto the design in order to give the world a true digital currency that is decentralized, efficient and viable. 

BSV emerged as the true continuation of the original Bitcoin in November of last year. As such, it has been able to ensure that tomorrow’s currency is available today and is building a crypto ecosystem that is stable and focused on money – not on being a developer’s playground. 

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