‘Bitcoin SV tycoon’ ditches Lambo, escapes unharmed

Lamborghinis don’t make very good off-road vehicles. One man found this out the hard way recently, sliding his purple Huracán into a ditch in London. The man was “Bitcoin SV tycoon” Michael Hudson and the cryptocurrency enthusiast’s car of choice was a Lamborghini Huracán Performance (SE 20 Viola Huracán Performante Edition).

Hudson is the founder of Bitstocks, a crypto market advisory firm out of London. According to reports, he was traveling alone in the car when it lost control on a wet road. It slid off the pavement and came to rest in a ditch, but didn’t suffer any major damage.

According to the DailyMail, A photographer happened to be passing by when he noticed the bright purple car in its awkward position. Andrew Laurence snapped some shots and then contacted the police. The police subsequently told the DailyMail, “We were called to reports that a vehicle had left the road at 1.30am this morning. A vehicle was found off the road and there were no persons present. Enquiries have been made to establish the occupants of the car. No injuries were reported.”

As word began to circulate about the incident, Hudson showed up to claim the car and took to social media to let everyone know that he was okay. He stated, “Appreciate all those that called and messaged. I’m totally fine, car damage isn’t too bad either. May post a video on it later today. Thanks again.”

A Lambo isn’t a car that can be towed by any ordinary tow truck—it needs delicate hands. After landing in the ditch, Hudson reached out to Yianni Charalambous, a celebrity car customizer, to help him retrieve the vehicle. Charalambous confirmed that neither alcohol nor drugs were involved and explained to the DailyMail, “He wasn’t hurt and no other cars were involved. He was the only one in the car and had to climb across the seats to get out. He lives near by so he just walked home. When I spoke to him this morning he said he just wanted to deal with it in the morning so I rang my recovery people.”

After the story started making headlines, Hudson was described by most as a “Bitcoin tycoon.” He didn’t waste time in letting everyone know where his true allegiance lies, responding to one such headline with a Twitter post, asserting, “This is crazy! It’s been picked up by all the national papers. I should ask for a correction to Bitcoin SV Tycoon.”

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