Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business in Slovenia to focus on enterprise use

The rapid growth in the use of Bitcoin SV has been testament to its technical superiority. And come March 3, the blockchain world will turn its focus to the city of Ljubljana for the Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business event in Slovenia. The event will highlight the enterprise use of BSV and will attract some of the leading names in the blockchain world, led by Dr. Craig Wright.

As was witnessed during the recent CoinGeek London Conference, businesses are very interested in building on the blockchain. Bitcoin SV is the only massively scalable blockchain project, allowing enterprises to build applications that can scale to suit their needs. This and more will be discussed in length during the event, which will be held at the InterContinental in Ljubljana. It’s organized by software development firm CREA in conjunction with nChain.

Dr. Wright will be the highlight of the event, taking to the stage to discuss how the Metanet is helping build a better Internet. Better known as Satoshi Nakamoto, he will also be part of a panel discussion that will interact with the audience, responding to their questions.

Other speakers include Andrew Baxter, the managing director at Tokenized. Baxter will address the best practices to start developing enterprise applications on BSV as well as how his firm is enabling a business-friendly token system on BSV. Stephan Nilsson, the CEO of UNISOT will speak on supply chain management on BSV, while HandCash CTO Rafael Seibane will enlighten the audience on how HandCash Connect enables businesses to build Bitcoin apps easily.

Other speakers include Steve Shadders, the nChain CTO, the lead developer for the BSV node project Daniel Connolly and the CEO of CREA, Roman Puhek.

Some of the key issues that the audience will learn about include tokenization and the use of smart contracts on BSV, how the Metanet is creating a better more commercial internet, the use of BSV in data marketplaces and more.

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