Bitcoin SV is set in stone—like a committed relationship this Valentine’s Day

As anyone gearing up for Valentine’s Day will testify, being in a relationship carries with it a level of mutual expectation. Once committed, both partners are exclusively fixed to the other, set in stone by their love and affection—a lot like the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Bitcoin SV is the realization of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper vision of Bitcoin. When Dr. Craig Wright published the Bitcoin whitepaper, he envisaged a blockchain that was both a currency and a platform capable of supporting mass scale applications. Yet as the original bitcoin was allowed to develop in unintended directions, it moved further and further away from this vision.

Transaction costs became a significant barrier, as with the limits on block sizes which mean the BTC Core blockchain simply isn’t equipped for developer utility, or even practical use as a cryptocurrency for payment. Execution times similarly escalated, rendering smart contracts and microtransactions impossible and unfeasible on the blockchain.

When BTC inevitably ran into difficulties, the technical solutions proposed and implemented to solve them made a bad situation even worse. Step forward Bitcoin SV, the only blockchain to fully implement the original vision for Bitcoin, and the only blockchain with the technology right now to be capable of handling enterprise level use across a global user base.

Due to their technical failings, BTC, BCH and other smaller cryptocurrencies continue to shift the technology, changing their protocols to awkwardly accommodate limited new functionality, or to solve problems of their own making. But like a truly committed relationship, Bitcoin SV is here to stay.

With the most recent Genesis protocol upgrade, BSV has reached its destination, delivering the full vision of bitcoin as laid out in the founding Bitcoin whitepaper. And now developers across the world are recognizing its status as the one true bitcoin as originally envisaged.

Aside from its role as a cryptocurrency, with fast, low-cost payments on BSV, it also provides the infrastructure for developers to create a world of blockchain apps, powered by microtransactions, smart contracts and other functions.

With robust technology in place and a protocol that is ready now to power complex or mass market apps, BSV is the only blockchain you can trust to be your Valentine.

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