Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: Creating tokenized objects and applications with Run

YouTube video

For a beginner, the whole concept of tokenization and decentralized apps on the blockchain can quickly become confusing. Because of the vast opportunities in the market for various challenges, these areas offer limitless possibilities to return data ownership and value to users. 

At the inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, Run CEO Brenton Gunning gave a talk where he explained how their new Run on Bitcoin platform helps developers create tokenized software assets and applications on top of the Bitcoin SV network. 

Run on Bitcoin or Run is a software development kit (SDK) that allows interactive tokens to be developed, exchanged for other tokens, or transferred to new users as effortlessly as possible. The layer 2 framework comprises three pillars, i.e., Jigs, Library, and Services. By using object-oriented programming, developers can write code to describe interactions between Jigs.

Jigs are the “interactive tokens on the blockchain” or software objects. Users interact with Jigs by giving them instructions. With Jigs, developers can build almost anything they can think of as a digital property worth owning. Jigs can also interact with each other.

To use Jigs, you need to bundle the flexible software library that Brenton and his team developed into an application. Jigs are serverless—you do not need a server to perform actions on the Jigs. 

The team also developed additional services developers can use, but they’re optional as the library functions independently of the services. Examples of these options include an Explorer, pay server so users do not need BSV, state server, query server, blockchain server, etc. 

Gunning showed how developers could build and deploy their own interactive token as he did. He offered suggestions on how developers can scale their applications in the future and work with traditional client/server infrastructures.

Run is still in private alpha, but the public beta is weeks away. Later this fall, Run is planning a public launch. I encourage developers to visit the Run on Bitcoin website for more details.

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