Dr. Anas Hakimeh on CoinGeek Backstage

Bitcoin is all about taking control of your life: Dr. Anas Hakimeh on CoinGeek Backstage

Dr. Anas Hakimeh always had a passion for macroeconomics and was particularly interested in technology that equalizes the playing field for the entire globe. He then stumbled upon Bitcoin and has been immersed since led by a belief that it unleashes the potential for the marginalized in society.

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Dr. Hakimeh is the founder of Dubai-based blockchain consultancy Silverline. A U.S.-based dentist by training, he delved into blockchain technology to pursue technology that could change the lives of millions in his Middle Eastern homeland.

Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the London Blockchain Conference, he recounted his journey in Bitcoin and shared what excites him the most about blockchain technology. His firm Silverline is a collection of professionals from varying backgrounds. It is led by a common mission to “bring this ground-breaking technology to the Middle East to help the region grow economically and explore its potential.”

The Middle East has vast human and natural resources, but it’s still reliant on outdated systems implemented decades ago, Dr. Hakimeh told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Jon Southurst. Bitcoin can transform the region and allow it to compete globally.

“It’s what Bitcoin is all about—unleashing the potential for small people to take control of their lives. We talk about taking control of your data, but it goes beyond that.”

At Silverline, the goal isn’t to reinvent the wheel; instead, Dr. Hakimeh said they are working to connect existing BSV blockchain-powered tools with the people who need them the most. The company has forged partnerships with some of the leading Bitcoin companies, from UNISOT to Smart Ledger, and is connecting them with clients in the Middle East who most need their solutions.

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