Bitcoin Bootcamp documentary launches to praise from the community

The wait is over: Bitcoin Bootcamp, CoinGeek’s documentary on the CambrianSV Bootcamp, had its world premiere on December 17 and is now available to view on YouTube. The video has been met by a rousing round of approvals from the Bitcoin community, and inspired several developers to look into the next CambrianSV event.

YouTube video

The 30-minute documentary puts you right in the heart of the action of the first CambrianSV bootcamp, held in Bali, Indonesia. Dozens of developers of some of the top Bitcoin SV (BSV) projects gathered to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about building on the Bitcoin blockchain, while also attending expert talks, daily excursions and coding sessions.

Narrated by Charles Miller, the documentary walks the viewer through what the BSV blockchain is, and what makes it superior to other forks from the original Bitcoin. It also interviews many of the major players involved, including organizer Jack Liu and several of the top developers in the BSV community today.

The reaction by the BSV world has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments on the video so far include questions about how to invest in BSV startups and about how to attend the next CambrianSV event. One user wrote:

“Great to see the intelligence and enthusiasm being devoted to this world improving economic system, BitcoinSV. Also the urgency and poignancy in the acknowledgement that we better get it right this time “or else”. The clock is ticking. It appears we have been given another chance, maybe our last chance, to get Bitcoin right. Thank you CoinGeek crew for getting this out there.”

Twitter has similarly seen a positive reaction. Several were happy to have been a part of the event, and to have accomplished something special at the bootcamp:

Derek Moore, who also attended, noted what a monumental moment in time CambrianSV was.

Finally, BSV entrepreneur Connor Murray congratulated CoinGeek on the documentary, to which Executive Producer and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre replied, noting his faith in BSV as a world changing technology.

Finally, several commenters asked how they could take part in the next CambrianSV event. It’s taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, and CambrianSV leaders Jack Liu and Ella Qiang recently spoke with CoinGeek about what to expect. But if you just want to sign up, CambrianSV has all the details you need.

Watch the CoinGeek Originals: Bitcoin Bootcamp – CambrianSV documentary here:

YouTube video

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