Bitcoin Association launches website

Bitcoin Association is pleased to announce the official launch of as the online home for information about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), the only implementation of Bitcoin’s original protocol and vision outlined by creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Soft-launched last November, the new website has now formally launched with a more robust content offering. will serve as a master portal for information about Bitcoin SV, with resources and links useful for all types of audiences – people completely new to digital currencies, merchants looking to accept BSV payments, developers interested in building on the BSV blockchain, enterprises looking for blockchain solutions, transaction processors (miners) and more.

For users first learning about digital currencies and blockchain technology, the website offers resources explaining all aspects of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, with a history of Bitcoin and its original protocol, the scaling wars which led to competing chains of Bitcoin, and why the “Satoshi Vision” of a massively-scaled blockchain with a stable protocol is critical to Bitcoin’s success.  The website also provides an in-depth guide on how everyday consumers can earn and use BSV in daily life, and even allows users to instantly acquire BSV using a “Buy BSV” button.

Enterprises looking to build blockchain applications will learn why Bitcoin SV is the only massively-scalable chain that can support their needs for high transaction volumes, big data capacity, super low fees, and microtransactions. Businesses, as well as developers, will find detailed resources in the Build on BSV section, with information outlining how the Bitcoin SV protocol acts as a technology layer similar to Internet protocol, in addition to educational materials which explain the technical power of Bitcoin’s protocol to enable smart contracts, tokenization and advanced blockchain applications. Tools for BSV developers include links to useful development libraries, a new Bitcoin SV Wiki, and information about the BSV Scaling Test Network.

Previously, the website had served as a de-facto landing spot for information related to Bitcoin SV.  However, the .io website was always intended to to serve a technical audience, with information focused on the Bitcoin SV Node software run by transaction processors (miners) and network participants, as well as the Bitcoin SV technical infrastructure.  Now, will be the general online portal for BSV information, while the .io website will continue to serve a technical audience

Commenting on the official launch of, Bitcoin Association Founding President, Jimmy Nguyen said:

“It’s great that we now have somewhere for Bitcoin SV to call home at Everything Bitcoin SV will live here, making it a great repository for both current BSV users and the many more we know are on the way. Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Russian languages, is the comprehensive resource for BSV and everyone around the world interested in learning about Bitcoin technology – the way Satoshi Nakamoto always intended it to be. ”

The new website is live now at

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Head of Communications
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About Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is the global industry organization which advances Bitcoin SV. It brings together enterprises, start-up ventures, developers, merchants, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners), and others in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem to advance the growth of Bitcoin commerce. The Association seeks to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that fosters lawful conduct while encouraging digital currency innovation.

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