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Bitcoin Association grows global team with new strategic hires to improve enterprise awareness and adoption of Bitcoin SV

ZUG, Switzerland – February 4, 2021 – Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, today announces that it has made a pair of strategic additions to its global team, as it works to improve enterprise awareness and adoption of Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Association has hired Lizette Louw as a content marketing specialist and Connor Murray has joined the Bitcoin SV Academy team as a content creator. The announcement concludes a busy week for Bitcoin Association, which on Monday appointed Aaron Zhou as its first China-based technical outreach specialist.

Lizette Louw will be a familiar face for many in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, having spent the past three years working as a digital marketing and content strategist at Bitstocks, which operates the BSV-based Gravity banking ecosystem app. An experienced content professional, Louw has amassed an extensive portfolio of published work, spanning business, finance and technology publications. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, in her new role with Bitcoin Association, Louw will develop and implement a range of new inbound marketing initiatives, focused on informing enterprises and mainstream audiences about the benefits of building with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Connor Murray joins Bitcoin Association as part of the team working on Bitcoin SV Academy – the recently launched, dedicated online education platform for Bitcoin SV. Murray will work as a content creator, sharing his expertise developing applications for and building businesses with Bitcoin SV. In addition to his contributor role with Bitcoin SV Academy, Murray is the co-founder and CEO of britevue – a Bitcoin SV-based online consumer reviews platform, which he will continue to lead. Last year, Murray’s company received venture funding from noted technology entrepreneur and leading Bitcoin SV supporter, Calvin Ayre.

Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV as the only blockchain protocol which adheres to creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s original design and vision for Bitcoin. With the ability to scale unbounded and support huge volumes of transactions, in addition to its micropayment, smart contract, tokenization and data functionalities, Bitcoin SV is quickly becoming the enterprise network of choice for both businesses and developers.

Speaking on today’s appointments, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, said:

‘As the Bitcoin SV ecosystem continues to grow, so too does the need to bring more experienced professionals into our Association who can help us teach the world that Bitcoin is meant to be a widely used electronic cash system and data network, not a “digital gold” reserve asset. We’re delighted to welcome Lizette, Connor and Aaron to our team – each of whom, in addition to their specialist professional skillset, brings with them specific experience working with Bitcoin SV – an invaluable combination as we work to educate enterprises about the world’s most powerful distributed data ledger for enterprise and online payments system, Bitcoin SV.’

Commenting on her appointment, Lizette Louw, said:

‘Working in the blockchain and digital asset space for a number of years now, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to the potential evident with Bitcoin SV to have a positive impact on both business and individuals. Bitcoin SV offers enterprises a data infrastructure that is far superior to incumbent systems – a true value-add, rather than just an expense. I’m excited to work with Bitcoin Association in my new role to help bridge the gap between business and Bitcoin SV technology.’

Also commenting, Connor Murray, said:

‘Bitcoin is a complex system spanning several different disciplines, that is capable of so much more than most people understand. That’s what makes Bitcoin SV Academy such an important initiative, as it helps to introduce new developers, entrepreneurs and investors to the true power of Bitcoin. I’ve still got a lot to learn myself, but hope to get a little bit closer to mastering Bitcoin each day by sharing my experience and teaching others.’

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About Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is the Switzerland-based global industry organization that works to advance business on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It brings together essential components of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem – enterprises, start-up ventures, developers, merchants, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners), and others – working alongside them, as well as in a representative capacity, to drive further use of the Bitcoin SV blockchain and uptake of the BSV digital currency. 

The Association works to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that fosters lawful conduct while facilitating innovation using all aspects of Bitcoin technology. More than a digital currency and blockchain, Bitcoin is also a network protocol; just like Internet protocol, it is the foundational rule set for an entire data network. The Association supports use of the original Bitcoin protocol to operate the world’s single blockchain on Bitcoin SV.

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