Bitcoin Association announces: LatAm Ambassadors to further boost Bitcoin SV (BSV)

On the back of the recent appointments of its U.S., APAC and European Ambassadors, the Bitcoin Association is pleased to unveil its advocates for Argentina, Brazil and Panama as the word spreads about Bitcoin SV (BSV).

As the fastest growing blockchain ever, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is catching the eye of real-use developers across the globe. This increase in usage has led BSV’s average block sizes, average transaction per block count, and daily transaction count to rival and even surpass BTC. Why? BSV is also the only project that adheres to the original design of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. In short, BSV is Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen comments: “With such tangible growth on the BSV blockchain, the Bitcoin Association is taking a more micro focus for adoption. As it becomes increasingly clear that only BSV scales to realbusiness levels, we are now laser-focused on areas where we can help BSV development more directly in specific geographic regions, in native languages, and offer local representatives.”

Added to the roster are:


Esthon Medeiros – Founder & CEO of RioBlockchain

Esthon has been working with Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2014. His start-up RioBlockchain enables bill payment with Bitcoin, and also plans to add a payment gateway to help merchants get onboarded to accepting Bitcoin. Esthon is the developer of the “Satoshi Shotgun”, which allows testing of high volumes of Bitcoin transactions. Esthon wrote a book about Bitcoin that has been a bestseller on Amazon Brazil. Previously, Esthon had a long career as an IT Professional for IBM, extending 37 years across many areas – which prepared him well for supporting BSV’s vision to massively scale to be the global enterprise blockchain.


Maria Eugenia Lopez – Money Button

Euge is an Experience Designer at Money Button based in Buenos Aires. Previously, she worked as Senior UX designer at several companies where she designed and develop digital products and complex interfaces for different projects. Euge graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Buenos Aires University and is certified in Design Thinking, UX Design and Service Design. When she’s not focused on improving the relationship between people and technology, she serves as faculty at the University of Buenos Aires where she teaches next-gen designers, reads a lot, and loves her dog Mora. Her other goals: Embrace the complexity of emotions in technology and design, win the lottery, and encourage everyone to care deeply about the details of good design.


Attila Arros – CEO, MatterCloud

In 2019, Attila helped launch TonicPow, a Bitcoin SV monetization platform that emerged after winning 2nd place at the first ever BSV Hackathon finals in Toronto, Canada. Attila is now focused on growing his latest venture: MatterCloud — a Bitcoin SV blockchain platform for developers. Attila graduated from the University of Lethbridge, with a B.Sc. Computer Science in 2008 with a focus on algorithms and database systems. Previously, he worked at as an Engineering Manager from 2011 and oversaw the growth of their systems to millions of users. He founded his first startup, Sociavore, in 2013 to help restaurants reach more customers. As CTO, he built an online publishing platform that is still in use by hundreds of restaurants today. Attila grew up in Alberta, Canada and recently moved to Panamá, where he enjoys hiking and outdoor adventures.

For more on BSV, you can visit or to get a feel of what BSV can do for your business come to our next CoinGeek conference in London, February 20-21, 2020. If you are interested in buying some BSV, head here.

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