BitBoss CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

CoinGeek Live 2020 is drawing ever closer, now less than a week away. The three-day event will draw thousands of attendants from across the world to listen to some of the most respected leaders in the blockchain world and beyond. CoinGeek caught up with Matthew Dickson, the co-founder and CEO of gaming platform BitBoss, and he told us what he is looking forward to most.

BitBoss has become one of the popular applications built on the Bitcoin blockchain, taking the gaming sector by storm. The company is one of the sponsors of the upcoming three-day CoinGeek Live conference.

On sponsoring the event, Dickson told CoinGeek, “The Bitcoin SV community has been very supportive of our efforts. It was time to start giving back. I’m continually amazed by the intellect, work ethic and professionalism of everyone I meet associated with Bitcoin SV.”

For those who will be attending a CoinGeek Conference for the first time, Dickson captured what the events are like, “The energy is the greatest! Seeing the new ideas and the progress being made by all the existing ecosystem companies.”

And while many have pointed to Dr. Craig Wright’s fireside chat as the session they look forward to the most, Dickson believes that every session is just as important. The pace of innovation in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem is moving so fast and the conference will give the attendants the opportunity to explore all the latest innovations, he stated.

Dickson and his team at BitBoss have continued to build their gaming platform, focusing on making it easier for game developers to build their games on the Bitcoin blockchain.

He explained, “We’re currently building out what we call game services that are fully integrated into our BSV wallet. We’re basically taking care of the blockchain plumbing and allowing content creators to do what they do best, build games. They can focus on new math models and great graphics and not worry about how blockchain works. We’re also working on new ways to fund online and land based gaming using Bitcoin SV.”

BitBoss has been transforming the gaming industry, both online and offline. It has targeted casinos with its cashless wallet offering offline, while online, it has been targeting “operators looking for that killer blockchain strategy. The convergence of data and wagers processed on the blockchain in real time.”

Dickson will be taking to the stage on Day 3 of CoinGeek Live as part of a panel that will discuss how Bitcoin can create a better and safer gaming experience. Book your spot now for free to watch Dickson and dozens of other speakers discuss the future of Bitcoin.

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