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Beijing plans to train 10,000 engineers in blockchain and other emerging technologies every year

Beijing’s government has confirmed plans to deepen its talent pool for blockchain technology in the coming years as the city seeks innovative ways to improve its digital economy.

The city’s Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau unveiled grand plans to train 10,000 engineers each year, Xinhua News Agency reported. The Beijing Digital Technology Skills Talent Training Implementation Plan provides an “order-based” training model encompassing production, learning, and research.

The plan will see Beijing expand vocational skills for corporate employees, focusing specifically on data officers and corporate managers. City administrators submit that it will increase the number of training programs, blockchain talent forums, and innovation competitions to achieve its objectives.

Authorities note that engineering technical talents will be categorized according to their occupations and levels for training purposes. It appears that the government will cast a wide net as it encourages students of general and technical colleges to apply to the training programs.

Individuals who complete the training will be issued a “professional technical grade certificate” from the agency in charge of evaluations. The plan notes that preference will be given to individuals with professional technical-level certifications in the hiring process.

“In terms of cultivating leading talents in digital technology, encourage all units to set up “chief data officers,” and give priority to hiring digital technicians who have obtained professional level certificates,” the report read.

Details obtained from the plan suggest that the training will be extended to other innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

Beijing has been dabbling in blockchain, famously unveiling its two-year metaverse plan in August 2022 designed to use the technology to improve its tourism sector. A recently published white paper reveals a plan by Beijing’s administrators to invest up to $14 million each year for Web3 research and the exploration of new use cases.

Upskilling the talent pool

Several countries are making plays to deepen their blockchain talent pool in the wake of growing global adoption. India has emerged as the jurisdiction with the most government-backed initiatives to train citizens on the new technology, with a series of blockchain learning modules released for students across the country.

Concerned stakeholders have decried the mass exodus of U.S. blockchain talent to other jurisdictions. The stakeholders say that the increased regulatory action and lack of clarity have contributed to the exit of tech talents and capital to other jurisdictions.

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