Beef-tracking will be easier as BeefChain receives USDA certification

Beef tracking gets easier as BeefChain receives USDA certification

BeefChain has become the first blockchain company to receive certification by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The company integrates blockchain technology with the beef supply chain. This enables anyone, from consumers to suppliers, to track the source of their beef.

In an interview with Forbes, BeefChain’s co-founder expressed his excitement at the milestone. Tyler Lindholm, who also serves as a Member of the House of Representatives for District 1 in Wyoming stated:

“We’re the first blockchain company in the world to be certified by the USDA. The important aspect about that is that’s included in our quality manual for how we’re actually tracing documentation and tracing cattle.”

The certification as a Process Verified Program (PVP) allows BeefChain to audit yards and ranches in various programs. In one of the programs, the startup can verify the age and source of the animals. It can also ensure the animals are not treated with hormones.

In yet another USDA-approved program named BeefChain natural, the startup can ensure that an animal was fed exclusively natural feed. Lindholm explained:

“The first one is BeefChain Natural, and BeefChain Natural fits into the aspect of your typical natural program, plus grass-fed – and that’s no antibiotics, that’s no hormones. The first six months of that calf’s life has to be on natural forage or feed, so that takes that calf from birth all the way to sell time for your typical rancher.”

The startup has focused on Wyoming, a state that has sought to establish itself as a leader in blockchain and crypto adoption. Earlier this year, the state adapted new regulations that made it crypto-friendly. But then again, the state has always taken the lead when it comes to being progressive in many regards.

However, despite focusing on Wyoming, BeefChain’s solution can be used in any part of the United States. Lindholm explained:

“A calf born in the state of Wyoming and enrolled in the program in a ranch in the state of Wyoming can go to a feed yard in California. As long as that feed yard is certified by BeefChain, it can maintain its compliance within our certification for the Wyoming Plus program.”

The beef supply chain industry is the latest that blockchain technology has spread its wings to. Previously, companies such as De Beers in diamonds, LG Chem and Ford in cobalt and FedEx in delivery services have all implemented the technology.

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