Bayesian Fund SPC’s use of BSV as a base currency is a game-changer

Investments have come a long way over the past several decades.  Trading is more controlled than ever, and companies are required to adhere to a long list of guidelines and legal criteria in order to avoid being penalized by regulators.  The digital currency ecosystem has already seen plenty of examples of what happens when someone tries to ignore the requirements, but things continue to evolve and improve on a daily basis.  When the Bayesian Group announced that it would use Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the base currency for its Bayesian Fund SPC hedge fund, it rewrote the book on how investments were managed.  Roy Bernhard, the firm’s Chief Visionary, participated in this past February’s CoinGeek London event where he explained how the investment world continues to evolve.  After wrapping up his presentation and panel discussion, CoinGeek’s Johanna Botta was able to catch up with him to find out more about the company’s vision.

Bernhard didn’t just accidentally step into digital currency.  He comes equipped with a lot of technical savvy that was behind a previous idea, along with a couple of partners, to introduce the world’s first Internet bank.  The co-founder and executive director of the Hummingbird Lawyers LLP law firm, his vast experience and knowledge encompasses legal, financial and technical applications, which enables him to see BSV, as it pertains to the investment world, with a more complete understanding. 

The Bayesian Fund SPC is a hedge fund that “trades with the precision of some of the finest crypto minds.”  It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate even more precise operations, and is the only one that allows individuals to invest their BSV in order to increase the quantity they hold.  It’s one of just a few ways to “consciously and intelligently” grow held assets. 

Millennials have been more open to interacting with blockchain and digital currency because they have grown up with technology from the start.  When Botta asked Bernhard how he viewed Millennials from an investment manager’s perspective, he pointed out that the demographic has a better understanding of how things work and that, as a result, they’re willing to trust and use it more than perhaps other demographics might.  With this in mind, Bayesian is developing the company and the hedge fund for long-term success, ready to capitalize on the growing number of Millennials, as well as the subsequent classes, who readily embrace all forms of innovation to assist them with their daily routines. 

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