Bank Frick sets up DLT Markets for crypto trading

Bank Frick sets up DLT Markets for crypto trading

The established Liechtenstein based Bank Frick announced that it is venturing forward in the area of blockchain banking through the establishment of an appropriately named DLT Markets section called DLT Markets AG. According to a press release issued by the bank, this new subsidiary will provide institutional investors with what it claims to be ‘professional access’ to the trading of digital tokens.

It further states that DLT Markets is developing “a unique and globally positioned platform” that combines regulated security of traditional securities business. It will also aim to take advantage of new opportunities that are offered by the new digital token asset class.

DLT Markets is providing institutional clients with access to a number of crypto exchanges without having to go through cumbersome regulatory procedures imposed by European banks. Bank Frick claims it is now one of the European leaders in blockchain banking.

DLT Markets will be administering order data as well as carrying out the risk and position management processes. Furthermore, the bank’s subsidiary is claiming that it will ensure that assets and payment flows are booked securely. All this is software based and is built on a platform that is globally positioned and which minimises risks. DLT Markets claims that it combines the advantages of the digital token asset class with the regulatory regime of traditional securities business.

The CEO of DLT Markets is Roger Wurzel, who previously worked in Business Development at Bank Frick and has a wealth of proven experience in trading cryptocurrencies. Before joining Bank Frick, he worked internationally for over 20 years at Deutsche Bank AG in equities and derivatives trading:

“We are creating a unique market offering for institutional investors in the area of the new digital token asset class. With our fully regulated platform, we are driving professionalism with regard to the trading of digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.”, Wurzel said.

The Business Development area of DLT Markets is headed by Markus Besler, most recently a blockchain project developer at Bank Frick and previously a co-founder of Styxchange – a cooperative which provides a cloud-based interface for accounting solutions for blockchain transactions.

It seems that Bank Frick’s DLT section is definitely looking to open new horizons in the blockchian and crypto investment sectors for the European market.

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