Baemail’s Darren Kellenschwiler on how BSV improves communications

YouTube video

The amount of time business professionals spend sifting through emails on a daily basis is considerably high. Not only are there important items that have to be addressed, but there is also an endless supply of extraneous communication from friends and family, just dropping in to say hello— not to mention the never-ending amount of spam everyone receives. Dissecting an email inbox and getting to only the important conversations can be tasking, but the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain is helping to change this.

Through Baemail, an email solution created by Darren Kellenschwiler, emails can have literal values placed on them, which enables the most important communications (the ones that pay the most) to be given priority. Kellenschwiler was on stage at the recently held CoinGeek conference in London, and CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson caught up with him after his presentation.

Bitcoin is the perfect solution for a value-based email solution, since it is essentially the “unification of data and money.” As Kellenschwiler puts it, it solves the problem of Inbox Economics. Baemail improve peer-to-peer communications for businesses by allowing users to assign a priority value level to their inboxes, and forcing senders to send microtransactions based on where they want their emails to fall in the list. Emails that don’t pay can be relegated to the bottom of the list and ignored, and this would go a long way toward reducing the amount of junk mail that clutters inboxes on a daily basis.

Baemail also provides an immutable record of the communication since it is blockchain-based. While the “read receipt” functionality has been controversial at times, it is still a great tool for businesses, as it allows for concrete proof that an email was received and opened. This makes it ideal for business communications where accountability is so important.

Through hard work and collaboration, Kellenschwiler has been able to make Baemail compatible with every Paymail and Handcash wallet, as well as others, with new features coming along at a steady pace.

These collaborative efforts, as he explained to Jackson, are indicative of the BSV community, which is “a society working in cooperation” to develop the ecosystem and to “improve the experience for the end-user,” as opposed to some blockchain solutions that are being constantly pulled in different directions. Kellenschwiler is a firm believer of the cohesion of the community, and regularly holds BSV meetups that attract a lot of participation. They allow for “high bandwidth of conversation” among individuals who are all working to make the world a better place.

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