BadChain’s Leo Leiman adds style to the blockchain world

BadChain’s Leo Leiman adds style to the blockchain world

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero spoke to BadChain founder Leo Leiman, who is ready to show off his blockchain-themed apparel in whatever conference he attends.

Leo Leiman, founder of BadChain, has attended numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences in the last couple of years. By his count, he’s been to as many as 50 of them. The Malta Blockchain Summit in particular, he said, is “one of the best” he’s been to, with a great number of investors and foundations involved. “You can feel the money from the investor, because if you see someone in Russia who says he’s an investor, he has for example $100,000, but here it’s more true investors, and projects here [are] better than somewhere else,” he explained.

He said the very liberal attitude of Malta when it came to the blockchain industry made it a great venue for the summit. “It is like when Canada or the USA legalized marijuana. A lot of people go there… Here, it’s also, ‘Come here, it’s open, [to] companies for blockchain.”

Dressed up in Bitcoin-themed clothing, he is quick to offer his services. “I can make T-shirts for you, I can make rain coats, or like T-shirts with crypto,” he said, adding that he also designed rings embedded with the cryptocurrency one chooses.

The idea for such designs came from seeing the opportunities among those in the business. “A lot of guys in the industry are smart, and I think that they could be stylish also. And it was like how the idea was born. And I decided to do the merch. It was like this idea, I decided to do it one year ago, and I created a blockchain system for clothing also, just for fun,” he said.

Leiman sees his clothing brand also serving an educational purpose. “I have huge experience in this field, and I know how to make the young generation more happy because they can work everywhere… They can go to, for example, to Malta, and have good income. They can be in this industry, but they have to be smart a bit, smarter than others, but it is okay. It’s a really stylish industry. It is young, fresh,” he said.

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