Business 23 March 2021

Financial Action Task Force releases updated guidance

The revised guidance comes after a 12-month review of the initial release, which found that some jurisdictions’ AML and CFT regimes with respect to digital assets were still underdeveloped or not developed at all.

Business 19 March 2021

The NFT craze is being driven by ignorance

As more and more NFTs reach ridiculous valuations, it is becoming obvious that the market is almost entirely blind to what an NFT is—and what it is not.

Business 17 March 2021

Crypto Crime Cartel: Binance investigated by CFTC

Binance is the subject of an active investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for potentially offering digital asset derivative products to U.S. citizens in contravention of U.S. regulations.

Business 26 February 2021

The legal duty of blockchain developers

As blockchain technology becomes increasingly relied upon, it becomes critical that the law extends its well-established protections to this new context.

Business 24 February 2021

Open source does not mean what you think it means

The Bitcoin community in particular has fetishized the concept open-source to the extent that it has become nearly inseparable from the promise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology generally.

Business 24 February 2021

Craig Wright and a brief history of Bitcoin

Dr. Craig Wright now finds himself as the perfect plaintiff to demonstrate the points he has been making for years: that there is nothing about blockchain, Bitcoin or any other digital asset which takes them outside the scope of the law.