Business 22 December 2020

BitBoss brings blackjack on chain

Bringing the online casino experience to the blockchain is an arduous process that requires careful consideration of the current technological limitations and how to mitigate them.

Tech 19 December 2020

Marathon to buy 10,000 new ASIC miners

The NASDAQ-listed block reward mining firm recently announced purchasing 10,000 next-generation Antminer S-19j Pro miners for its Hardin, Montana data center.

Tech 10 December 2020

Titan Pool launches in North America

Titan Pool seeks to connect regional BTC miners together by offering them the same operational efficiencies that miners in other regions enjoy.

Tech 2 December 2020

US emerging as block reward mining powerhouse

Industry watchers have noticed that hashrate emanating from North American has been increasing, eroding the centralized collective market share that Chinese competitors once held.